SleepLab R/T™ Adjustable Bed Frame

The SleepLab R/T™ Adjustable Bed Frame is an affordable solution for folks who are required to sleep in a Reverse Trendelenberg or Trendelenburg incline position. The SLEEPLAB R/T BED™ frame is designed to elevate your bed exactly as your physician prescribed, without use of awkward solutions, such as 6" blocks stacked under the base of your headboard.

This bed is designed for people with severe acid reflux who have been advised by their doctors to sleep with the head of their bed raised; they want the bed flat, but the entire bed is slanted. The use of this bed in Sleep Labs assists in producing the desired results. Designed for Sleep Labs, but ideal for home use.

HomePlace Group has exclusive distribution of this product and offers mattresses, adjustable electric beds and parts specifically designed for sleep lab, hospital and consumer needs. All SleepLab Beds include Standard Pillow Top mattresses as a standard feature. Quantity discounts are offered on all HomePlace Group products.

HomePlace Group SleepLab mattresses have earned glowing reviews from physicians, sleep labs, patients and staff professionals. The SleepLab Adjustable Bed™ is already in use at prestigious hospitals and sleep centers. Some of our clients include: Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital, Emory University Sleep Center, Novant Health, Provehotel, S.A., Mivasa Worldwide, Inc., Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, Heritage Lane Furniture, MCG Health System, Houston Hospice and Palliative Care Systems.